Calculate/Plot Nuclear Larmor Frequency

This example demonstrates how to use the tool to calculate the nuclear Larmor frequency.

Get Magnetic Resonance Properties

DNPLab stores a dictionary called gmrProperties with magnetic resonance properties of all nuclei of the periodic table. The dictionary is modeled after the Matlab function gmr written, and implemented by Mirko Hovrat. For more details see the detailed documentation of the dictionary. The dictionary stores the following parameters:

  • Spin Quantum Number

  • Gyromagnetic Ratio (Hz/T)

  • Nuclear Quadrupole Moment (fm^2, 100 barns)

  • Isotope Natural Abundance (%)

  • Relative Sensitivity with Respect to 1H at same B_{0}

(for nuclei with I > 1/2), and some more parameters. This dictionary can be used to provide nuclear properties in any calculation, it is also used by the DNPLab function mr_properties.

To get started, first, setup the python environment:

import dnplab as dnp
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

Let's query some of the parameters:

Proton Gyromagnetic Ratio

print("v_L(1H) = ", dnp.mr_properties("1H"), "(Hz/T)")
v_L(1H) =  42577469.05766274 (Hz/T)

Nirogen 14N nuclear spin quantum number

print("I = ", dnp.mr_properties("14N", "spin"))
I =  1

Carbon 13 (13C) natural abundance

print(dnp.mr_properties("13C", "natAbundance"), " %")
1.07  %

Plot Gyromagnetic Ratios for Elements in the Periodic Table

gmr = [value[1] for value in dnp.gmrProperties.values()]

plt.ylabel("Gyromagnetic Ratio (10^7r/Ts)")
plot 01 larmor frequency

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